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Conscious Breathing Level 1

This workbook will give you information, combined with actual EXPERIENCE, to create long lasting knowledge that you can integrate into your daily life. Through utilizing the powerful techniques in this workbook, you can have an experience of what the yogi sages call enlightenment.  This “Conscious Breathing Workbook” is a pathway to building a foundation to your personal enlightenment. You will find the connection to your True Self, through the very thing that you do at every moment of everyday, breathe. It is now time for you to breathe consciously and this workbook will teach you how.

  • Learn about your subtle anatomy including chakras, prana, and kundalini energy.
  • Move through ancient techniques of conscious breathing, sound vibration, and yoga postures.
  • Gain a working knowledge of how life force energy enlivens the physical body.
  • Learn effective physical practices to move the mind-body system into meditation.
  • Open your own intuitive gifts through awareness that comes from this knowledge.
  • Embrace the enlightened pathway through conscious intention and action.
  • Become your own guru, bringing yourself from darkness to light.

Conscious Breathing Level 2

The Conscious Breathing Workbook Level 2 is the continuation of awakening to the guru within through the enlightening power known as kundalini.  This workbook includes advanced breathing practices and meditations that are physically and energetically designed to put you on the path of enlightenment.  This advanced approach is over 5,000 years old and is a proven systematic way of integrating the higher conscious awareness of your True Self into your everyday life.  It is time for you to become a fully embodied guru and this workbook will show you how.

  • Learn how to best prepare your body, mind, and environment to support your pathway to enlightenment.
  • Attune your physical body to be able to hold the highest vibrational frequency of cosmic life force energy and cosmic consciousness.
  • Learn advanced techniques of controlling life force energy through the means of your breath and the development of one-pointed concentration.
  • Open your awareness to see the one reality that connects everything and ignite the power of your sixth sense, intuition.
  • Be guided step by step into the Ananda Mandala Meditation, the advanced form of the Chakra Dhyana Meditation found in the first Conscious Breathing Workbook.
  • Experience the Divine Awakening that comes through awareness of your True Self and all its gifts.

Body Of Light

There are many ways in which the body functions, thrives, and experiences the world around us. The question remains though, what is it that enlivens the body at its core, beyond the heart beating, the lungs breathing, and the thoughts running through our minds? These are the questions that we will delve deep into and the answers you find, will forever enlighten your heart, mind, and spirit.

Join us as we learn about the modern science showcasing the body as a conduit of light and then personally experience the energy that “illuminates” all existence. Everything you will learn and experience in this book is intentionally designed to lead you to the ultimate experience, the Body of Light meditation.

  • Discover scientific research that redefines our reality as light.
  • Integrate your learning through experience with guided meditations.
  • Align body, mind, heart, and spirit.
  • Shift your DNA into coherency with your true self.
  • Experience the Body of Light Meditation.