Holly Semanoff is a published author that has effectively bridged multiple realities of this life experience. Mastering the physical body, Holly is an IFBB Professional Fitness Competitor that has placed top ten in some of the world’s highest-ranked competitions. Through practicing and teaching yoga, meditation, and breath for over 20 years, she has come to master the body-mind-spirit connection. During this time she has developed the ability to see, hear, sense, and know the subtle energies that create our reality and has written books to teach others how to do the same.

It is through these experiences over the past 20 years, that Holly has realized our spiritual self desires this physical experience and that our physical body is in fact a powerful channel of universal light. From her experience, true enlightenment can only be achieved by balancing the various realities of body, mind, and spirit.

Holly began competing in fitness after winning the Ironman Magazine Fittest Couple with her husband in 2005. This led her down the path of joining the ranks as an IFBB Professional Fitness competitor in 2012. During her time in the IFBB, she earned several top-10 finishes in international-level competitions. This time spent at the highest levels of fitness competition has given Holly the opportunity to master her physical body while maintaining a balance between her family, professional, and spiritual life.

The powerful turning point for her conscious spiritual awakening began on Feb 14th of 2007. From this point, she has been guided down the path of spiritual discovery and self-mastery, which has led to teaching others about the divine connection to source that is available to us all. In addition to teaching workshops and hosting retreats.

The Conscious Breathing workbook Level One and Two, as well as the Body of Light book, is the result of her own personal experiences and research that she has encountered throughout her life. Ascended Path is the platform where you will find all of Holly’s online video courses and Body of Light hosts all in-person events. As you discover the whole of what she offers you will find that the intention is always to uplift all of humanity which starts with you, and then from here awaken to the realization that we are all just walking each other home.

Holly Semanoff is a teacher of teachers, a master of breath, and the author of several books that lead people to find their inner Guru.

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