Delve deep into your energetic anatomy and learn how you can use that energy to reach higher states of awareness through the breath.

Date & Time

13-15 0ct. 2023

5:00pm – 2:00pm


Sundance Resort 8841 N Alpine Loop Rd.
Sundance, UT 84604

United States

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  • Event Price – $555.00

  • (801) 830-7775


This three-day immersion is specifically designed to connect you to your source while in the physical body. It is a powerful integration bridging the body, mind, heart, and spirit as one. Those who participate in this workshop will begin to attune their physical being to the vibration of their higher self/soul and as you do this your body will then have the energy necessary to shift your vibration from a limited third-dimensional existence into an expanded infinite reality while on this earth plane.

There are many ways in which the body functions and lives but the question remains what is it that enlivens the body at its core beyond the heart beating and the lungs breathing? These are the questions that we will delve deep into and these are the answers that will enlighten our body, mind, and soul. Science is now discovering that this subtle energy is essentially light and that this light or life force/prana is what “illuminates” all existence. We will learn how to utilize this light/prana through various conscious breathing techniques that build a bridge between your body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Connect to Your True Self

From here we will then be able to delve deep into your energetic anatomy, including the chakras, and discuss how life force energy flows through you and how you can use that energy to reach higher states of awareness. This will continue to be built upon by the enlightening force known as kundalini, you will not only receive an understanding of what this energy is but how to release it, uplifting you to greater spiritual heights than you could have ever imagined.

All that you are currently doing on your own pathway to enlightenment will be supported by what you will gain from this Conscious Breathing Immersion.