I am starting this series of blogs to write about my experience for a very different kind of take on contest prep for the Phoenix Europa Pro on October 11th, 2015.  In 11 weeks I will be competing as a professional fitness competitor for the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (also known as the IFBB).  I am writing about my journey not simply to give fitness or competition advice, this my friends will be my journey on the how, the why, and the nitty gritty.  I will be me and I will let the world see me for who I am, which believe it or not is quite a bit unconventional in this industry.

For one I am a mother of three very lively and beautiful kids.  Most people in my industry rarely have any children and if they do they are usually grown to the point they are taking care of themselves.  My children are 8, 6, and 3 years old so they demand a lot of attention at this particular time in their lives.  I am not only going to be focusing simply on training but also on how I balance the everyday demands on myself and as a mother of three young children.  In my own opinion life is about balance and this is my goal.  I want to create my personal best physique and my personal best fitness routine to date for the Phoenix Europa Pro WITHOUT jeopardizing or unbalancing any other aspects of my life that give it value and depth.  That depth for me is my family, including my husband Mike of 12 years, my friends, and my own relationship with myself.   What is so amazing about the sport of bodybuilding is that it does take a lot of physically taxing work but the hardest and most profound aspect is the strength and ability of the mind.  I have learned numerous times through various experience that if there is a will there is a way so in this blog I will also be touching on the capacity of the human mind, or human spirit if you will to simply get things done.

Speaking of spirit the other very unconventional thing about me in this industry and specifically the fitness category is that I have absolutely no gymnastic background.  I am a yoga teacher and everything I have learned and incorporate into my routines is based upon my 12 years experience in Ashtanga Vinyassa and Kundalini yoga.  I am very much so a body, mind, spirit sorta gal.  For one thing it is my belief that in order to live a healthy, happy, meaningful life one must have all these aspects of themselves in balance.  What I also find is that in the fitness industry for example their is a much larger focus on the body rather than anything else because quite frankly that is what it is all about.  On the other side of the spectrum outside of this industry there are those that are simply focused on spirit and at times completely neglect and ignore their physical selves.  Can we have it all?  I believe we can and I am setting myself up to do so.  I want to be the one living my life to the fullest and not just from competition to competition or day to day but actually LIVE it and compete at a pro level.  My passion is body and spirit!  This is exactly why I co-founded Body of Light with my husband Mike.  I have a deep desire to teach others how they can incorporate the physical and spiritual into one so that they can live on purpose.  Living on purpose to me is following your passion, doing what makes you happy, and not having anything hold you back either mentally or physically!

Another unconventional thing about me is that I am an all natural athlete in an industry that is known for taking steroids, estrogen blockers, and so on and so forth.  I will not lie this is the industry but I have known from the beginning that I only have one body and I will do my best to take care of it so I may have to work a little harder to put on muscle, gain strength, and lean out for my competitions but for me personally I am completely good with that!  I am here to tell my story and hold myself accountable not necessarily to my training but to the life that I want to live on a daily bases.  I want to walk the walk, talk the talk, and reach anyone and everyone who simply wants to create a life they love because in the end if you truly love your life I feel you will radiate that love into life and we all know that life can use all the love it can get.  Just imagine if we all loved our life and ourselves what an amazing world we would live in!  So here we go, this prep is not like the others…….