Don’t Feel The Fall

Today marks the first day in 3 weeks that I have been able to work out my legs!  Three weeks ago I sprained my knee while lead rockclimbing outdoors.  The worst part about this was that it was for a photo shoot with the very talented outdoor adventure photographer Lane Peters who had climbed himself up a cliff and was anchored halfway down next to the route I was to climb.  I started my ascent and just above the first clip I came to a rather difficult overhang.  I literally had no warning whatsoever before I was hanging upside down with searing pain in my knee.  My feet had somehow slipped from underneath me while I was reaching for the second clip and I fell pushing my leg out horizontally. [...]

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Mother, Wife, Yoga Teacher, ….IFBB Pro Fitness Competitor

I am starting this series of blogs to write about my experience for a very different kind of take on contest prep for the Phoenix Europa Pro on October 11th, 2015.  In 11 weeks I will be competing as a professional fitness competitor for the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (also known as the IFBB).  I am writing about my journey not simply to give fitness or competition advice, this my friends will be my journey on the how, the why, and the nitty gritty.  I will be me and I will let the world see me for who I am, which believe it or not is quite a bit unconventional in this industry. For one I am a mother of three very lively and beautiful kids.  Most people [...]

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